Read It Again! Awards

The 10th of June. The day we’ve been looking forward to has come and gone, and it was very lovely indeed (yes, a bit moving too!)

I am very happy and proud that Hug Me has won the Read It Again! award this year, and I have all of Felipe’s affectionate young friends to thank for it. Kids, you are amazing!

A huge thank you to Richard Young and his wonderful team at Cambridgeshire Libraries who set up the award, now in its 10th year, and to Thorndown Primary School who hosted the event and made us feel so welcome.

It was a real pleasure to meet the talented authors who, like me, have been selected by our readers.


My fellow graduate Renata Galindo couldn’t be there, due to her living across the Atlantic, and neither could Craig Shuttlewood, due to the arrival of his brand new baby (congratulations!)

However the star Steve Antony was, with his popular The Queen’s Hat.

I could finally meet young Ella Bailey, fellow Flying Eye Books illustrator and author of the clever No Such Thing.

And I made the acquaintance of the enchanting Katie May Green, there with her (also enchanting) book Seen and Not Heard.

It was great to see Katherina Manolessou again, amazing artist, author and printmaker, with her Zoom, Zoom, Zoom.

And it was a treat to meet lovely and talented Yuval Zommer, our last author in alphabetical order, with his hilarious creation The Big Blue Thing on the Hill.


And this is me with Felipe and our prize! You can read more about the event here.

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