Shy Ones

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FLYING EYE BOOKS, London, 2020

Selected for THE ORIGINAL ART 2020, an exhibition of Children’s Book Illustration at The Society of Illustrators, New York

The International Centre for the Picture Book in Society and IBBY UK: Selected illustrator for the BIB Illustrators Gallery 2021, Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava, 2021

“In the submarine world of Ms. Ciraolo’s enchanting illustrations, the fish and corals seem to be spun from colorful sugars.[..] She shows us that, as with many a classic introvert, Maurice’s true personality emerges only in private. As it happens, he’s rather fun. Children ages 2-5 with quiet natures will be affirmed by this understanding and visually delightful picture book; children of brassier and extroverted tempers will, we can hope, come away with a new appreciation for the shy ones in their midst.” -Meghan Cox Gurdon for the Wall Street Journal

“Sly humor spices the spreads throughout— A plea for acceptance might embrace an unobtrusive aesthetic, but Ciraolo’s palette is bright and her line is supple; she makes shyness seem downright fashionable.” -Publishers Weekly

“Beguiling jewel tone colors and gorgeous fishy scenes underwater showcase Ciraolo’s artistic story telling, with the end papers introducing the characters. A lovely, quiet book to contemplate, perhaps with a shy little one on your lap.” -Youth Services Book Review

“This is the best picture book on the subject of shyness that we’ve ever seen. [..] Throughout the book Simona captures perfectly what it has felt like for us as parents of a shy kid.” -Read It Daddy

“A feast for the eyes.” -Kirkus Reviews

“Colourful and charming illustrations with lots to look at on each page, this lovely and unusual story of the sea bed provides a gentle opportunity to explore friendship and shyness, and starting school.” -More About Books

Read a Q&A about Shy Ones with Deborah Kalb on her brilliant blog: Deborah Kalb Books

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