Whatever happened to my sister?

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FLYING EYE BOOKS, London, 2015

“A tender, whimsical look at growth, change, and sisters.” -Kircus Review

“The advent of adolescence in an older sibling is a less common theme for a picture book, and Ciraolo treats it with style and charm.” -Publishers Weekly

“a beautifully executed picturebook in both word and picture. It is a delicately told tale that comes from the heart. Any great story will offer an opportunity for talk and reflection and this does plenty. It just happens to do so with grace and beauty.” -Matt Tobin

“Arguably the best picture book of 2015 was Simona Ciraolo’s Whatever Happened to My Sister? A gorgeously illustrated tale, told from an unusual perspective.” -Kinderlit Canada

“Whatever Happened to My Sister? is wonderful coming of age tale, and we’re very much looking forward to watching Simona develop as both an illustrator and storyteller in the years to come.” -Inky Goodness

“An observant, compassionate and sensitive portrayal of how a younger sister can feel as she sees her big sister grow up and grow apart, leaving behind the shared childhood games and mischief the sisters once shared.
This rare take on sisterly relations is poignant and honest.”
-Playing by the Book

“I simply adore Simona’s illustrations and use of colour palette. Her scenes are whimsical and quirky, with beautiful linework and design.
With a heartfelt ending that brings hope to all stages of life (!) this is a tear-jerking, smile-inducing story that would make priceless reading both at home and in schools.”
-Kids Book Review

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