If Winter Comes, Tell It I’m Not Here

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WALKER BOOKS, London, 2020

Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection 2022

Finalist Illustrator selection, BOLOGNA CHILDREN’S BOOK FAIR 2021

Nominated for the Mississippi’s Magnolia Book Awards 2022

Children’s Book of the Month on hive.co.uk, December 2020

“Ciraolo’s pencil and watercolor illustrations are rich with dynamic facial expressions, dramatically colored imaginings, and energetic lines, all of which communicate the boy’s wide spectrum of emotions as he dreads, discovers, and finally delights in each new season.” -The Horn Book

“The colours, the lines, the theme, the text, everything is so cute [..] We talk about small and simple pleasures. [..] I find this album resolutely positive and the message it conveys is essential in my opinion. It’s a bright and tender album: everything I love!”(translated from French) – Parfum de Livres

“I love this book cover and laughed out loud when I saw it. Nothing is truer to how I feel about winter. Luckily this book shows us the great things about winter too. Being stuck on the sofa with a mountain of blankets and my boys? Yes please!” -Drawn and Quarterly, Staff Picks 2020

“The story is very sweet, the approach is fun [..]. Family and everyday life are to be found in this warm, sensitive album, full of tenderness and joy. The line is fine, the drawing expressive [..] A book that presents the seasons through a gentle and surprising approach, which highlights the little moments of happiness to be shared with each other.” (translated from French) -Litterature Enfantine

“The most beautiful ode to the colder seasons and to the delight that can be derived from them.”(translated from French) -Initiales.org

“It seems that our future is a bit uncertain right now and that we have to make a little more of an effort to live in the present [..] That is why this story appears perfect to me, to learn to value what we do have and, for a little while,  stop thinking about what is to come, or think about it in a more optimistic way. Although autumn seems dark, it is also loaded with many good moments.”(translated from Spanish) -Canijos Cuentistas

“A beautiful picturebook, the text is easy to understand, it reminds us to take notice of the first signs of winter, it makes us appreciate this season and look forward to it. When I closed the book my little boy asked me if we too could lie down in the snow this winter. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that snow will fall on Paris in a few months time.”(translated from French) -Stemilou-Books

“This picturebook is perfect to explain the change of season to the little ones, but it also invites us to reflect on the need to fully enjoy the present and learn how to find the positive side of everything that comes our way.”(translated from Spanish) -La Jugueteria de Libros


If Winter Comes, Tell It I’m not Here is also available in the US, published by Candlewick Press as well as in French, published by Pastel, in Spanish, published by Andana Editorial, in German, published by Annette Betz, and in Chinese, published by San Min.

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